The Bird Hut

A view of the Louden Pond project Bird Hut

Sheds Behind the School

A pic of the sheds behind the school

The Bowling Green

Can you beleive this was once an award winning bowling green. when it was in use it was admired for its condition now totally overgrown and unrecognisable

Bird Hut Bridge

The Bridge into the bird hut

Bird Hut Bridge 2

Heres another pic of the bridge with the bird hut

Bird Hut bridge 3

Pic 3 of the bridge and bird hut

Broken Windows

Windows at the back of the school

Class Chaos

One of the classrooms in the school as it is now


A fuzzzy pic of another classroom. You can just about make out the certificates still hanging above the door

What would the Head Say

A pic of yet another classroom now in a terrible state of rot

Welcome to Douglas water

A pic of the main Douglas water sign

Looking down on DW

A view of the playing fields with Douglas Water in the background

No More Rails

A view of the old railway station with the village in the background

DW from afar

A pic of the village from a distance

DW Houses

Douglas Water Houses

Private Property

A pic of 2 blocks of houses bought from the council by a private landlord and renovated

Council Houses

Council houses in McAuslin terrace

Anyone for football

A pic of the playing field

Play Park

The childrens playground in Douglas water

Tinto View

Looking down at the school with the Tinto hill in the background

Natures Entrance

The entrance to the nature reserve


Here we see the entrance to the old football field with turnstiles. Can't imagine big cup games being played here now

School Front

Heres a view of the school from the front

Inside The Hut

Enjoying the view from inside the bird hut

The Lodge

The Douglas Water Masonic Lodge and the old street. This street was once lined with houses

Welcome to The Pond

A pic of the Louden Pond nature reserve sign

Welcome To The Pond 2

Another pic of the nature reserve sign

The Pond From Afar

A wide view of the Louden Pond

Bridge Support

A pic of the old bridge supports for the railway line across the pond

Station No More

A pic of the old Douglas water Railway station in its present condition with the village in the background

Ghost Street

A view of an old road beside the pond. This road was also once lined with houses

Path To Paradise 2

Another pic of the path down to the bird hut

Path To Paradise 3

A view of the path down to the bird hut

The Pavilion

A pic of the old pavilion next to the old football ground now home to the local farmers cows

Enjoy The View

A pic from inside the bird hut of the peep holes

The Pond

A view of the Louden Pond from outside the bird hut

Road Into Nature

The main path into the nature reserve. Once a busy road lined with houses.


A pic of a blackboard in one of the classrooms at the rear of the school


The Playground at the rear of the school

School Front

a Pic of the school front before the boards went up

Village life

Another pic of the village

Little and Large

a pic of both the little school and the big school. The building on the left was once the village pub but is now a house

Schools Out

A pic of the school gates

Peeping Tom

A view from one of the peep holes in the bird hut


A view of the Douglas water river beside the bird hut


A view of Rigside from Douglas water

Peeping Tom 2

A view from another peep hole in the bird hut

Pond again

Another pic of the pond from outside the hut

Closer Front

A closer look at the school front


A pic of the surrounding countryside

Scenery 2

another pic of surrounding countryside

Scenery 3

another pic of surrounding scenery

Scenery 4

Another pic of surrrounding scenery

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